The Harvard Club of Peru is registered in Peru as a non-profit organization dedicated to cultural, humanistic, public service and scientific activities within Peru aimed at promoting education and improving the social and economic well being of its community. The following objectives are listed in our by-laws:

a) Build closer relationships among Peruvian and foreign Harvard alumni residing in Peru through cultural and social activities.

b) Promote and inform about Harvard through conferences, books, magazines, research and other events.

c) Bring more Peruvians to study at Harvard and help in securing financing through scholarships and other means.

d) Establish a permanent interaction with other associations and educational entities in Peru and abroad, particularly in Latin America; maintaining close contact with Harvard University and the Harvard College Peruvian Association, both in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

e) Seek the active participation of Club members in activities and events organized by Harvard University and the Harvard Alumni Association.

f) Support all activities organized or promoted by the Club according to its by-laws by providing among others, assistance in planning, management, supervision, technical support and marketing.

g) Promote and inform about the vast cultural and historic richness of Peru among the Harvard Community.