Welcome to the Harvard Club of Peru, thank you for visiting our web page.

We are a growing community of alumni that live in Peru and wants to maintain and promote the presence of Harvard in the country seeking that more Peruvians attend the diversity of programs offered there. Peru has had a long tradition of nationals attending the University and dedicated alumni who returned have maintained links with Harvard giving orientation to those individuals interested in pursuing degree or specialized programs. The Board I have the honor to represent has been elected in August 2017 and will be in function until 2020.

We want to strengthen networking among alumni as well as with alumni from other prestigious universities in the world through the development of events and activities that can meet a variety of interests therefore attracting new graduates.  

Attending academic interests, we will promote the participation of alumni, visiting scholars from Harvard and other recognized individuals in different issues of national interest in activities such as breakfasts or lunches.

Volunteering was developed by the Club in the past related to its strong involvement with the Colegio Mayor which promotes outstanding students coming from less developed and poorer populations in the country. The Club continues its commitment to stimulate the excellence of individuals attending this High-Performance Schools.

Please feel free to visit our website in order to know about our objectives and activities and continue your involvement with Harvard and contact us.


Aurora Riva Cebreros

MPA ´86, KSGEE ´03